Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sister Sister

(don't mind the haggard gal in the middle - kind of embarrassing but I wanted to share)

I'm totally brain dead and meant to post this one earlier this week. My sisters came this past weekend. It was wonderful to see them and I got to see my niece, Macarti, daughter of my youngest sister. She loved the baby and constantly was calling him "Baby Belly" (as we nicknamed him Billy.) She loved kissing on him and holding him. Her and Pauly love to play with each other... and within the first hour of being here this is what the boys' room looked like. My sister Jodi also came but her kiddos stayed home with their daddy (which was bitter sweet - because having them there too would of been a rodeo - but Jodi being there without her kids was a little weird, and I miss them so much!!) Jodi and Casi cleaned my house (Jodi fixed my vacuum - She ROCKS!), tended big brother, and made meals for us. (I love this pic of Casi - isn't she gorgeous?!)
and yes, if you are wondering my mother named us all with an "i" at the end of our names... Sami Jo Jodi Dawn and Casi Jean...
We laughed and cried and it was just so meaningful to me to have them come and spend that time with me and meet our new little man.

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Brian and Jodi Brown said...

I had so much fun and was so glad I came.
Love you so much sis, You are a wonderful momma.



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