Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pow!! Whack!! Crack!! Boom! Schmack! Batman to the Rescue!!

So our little guy was Batman for Halloween! Here he is all dressed up! I was pretty proud of myself for being able to get a costume (and a good one at that... Thanks to Aunty Roo) and take my kid out trick-or-treating at 9 months pregnant! Cuz - I'm awesome!! (said like Justin Timberlake on SNL - link here) My husband and I say that all the time and get a good laugh...
Oh Batman!! You're so handsome!!
Mama loves her little superhero!!
Another super funny thing that we've enjoyed on SNL is this one and this one... If you watch these you are going to be saying little quotes from these all week... then you'll think of me! They're hysterical and they have a little bit of a twisted humor so don't watch them if you don't like SNL skits - but we think they are hysterical!!!


Annikke said...

Cutest batman ever! Tomorrow is the big day for your family! YAY

redeemed diva said...

Hey ady, hope you are feeling well. I realize yesterday was your planned due date. Recover, feet up, and eat whipped cream! Can't wait to hear about your adventure with this one. God bless you


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