Monday, October 5, 2009

gotta be careful my crazy is showin'!

Crazy is right! I am losin' it!
My husband the last couple of days is just driving me nutts, the smallest things people say the "wrong" way makes me feel like someone is driving their nails down a chalkboard, little man can barely breath in my direction and I just want to scream!
My house is on the verge of being half torch worthy (you know the point where things are such a disarray that you just want to light a match to it and RUN!) I am feeling very "woe is me" too.
I know how blessed I am and I know I have a wonderful husband who loves me, works hard and does pretty good helping me out with the boy and the house, I know I just need to snap out of it and the way that my hormones swing, I probably will write this post, post it to my blog and I'll feel all better.
I'm over whelmed and OH! I got about 4 hours of good sleep last night because of Braxton hicks! I am super nervous about the delivery just in general and well back to the craziness - I'm just out of control with anxiety that I don't have enough things done, that I don't have enough frozen dinners in my freezer and that my little man thinks his mama sucks... :(
I'm smarter than this to really truly believe this craziness and I know I don't have to do this all alone because I have lots of family and friends (not to mention God - "the big gun" as mama refers to him sometimes :) that are here and will be there to help after - it is just that crazy combination of well... Satan and hormones.
I'm going to make a "Absolutely Must Get Done List" tonight - attack it with perseverance tomorrow and I'll know I'll feel better and we all will be better off! I'll keep you posted *wink*
Also, I totally want to thank you all for your sweet comments and encouragement - totally helps me get through my days.

Till tomorrow, The Lady


Diann said...

I liked your comment about just writing it to your blog ... Some days are like that. We just need to get it out of our system and then it's all over. Or sometimes, we just need to feel heard and understood and then we don't feel like we're quite as far off the deep end as we originally thought. Hope writing helped you out and feel free to vent anytime!

Krista said...

You can do it. At this point any woman goes crazy. I believe that I begged my husband to let me going jogging the last month of pregnacy. I was simply fed up with it all. And I hate the name "Braxton Hicks". It sounds too mild. It should sound way more intense. Hang in there, you can do it.


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