Sunday, October 4, 2009

The boy loves his stool!

The Meltons finally got a fabulous new camera! We love it! and you will hopefully be seeing a lot of new pictures of our little fam!

My boy, about 3 months ago, got a stool to help him be able to start potty training - well I'm not an idiot! There is no way I'm going to start potty training him while I'm finishing up cookin #2!
It will be enough of a change for him to have to go through the transition of a newborn crying baby waking him up at night not to mention having to learn how to not pee his bed when getting woke up - SO I decided to wait but for now he gets to use his new stool to be a little bit more self sufficient.
He uses it to go in the bathroom and wash his hands,

to turn on the light in his bedroom, to grab things he can't reach,

and a lot of times he uses it when he really doesn't need to be using it - but it is such a fabulous stool he just wants to!

It is just too much fun watching him be able to do things by himself... he gets such a big grin on his face and is so proud! It's awesome!


Misty said...

So cute! And good for him to cart it around... what a sense of confidence that must give him!

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

I LOVE the diaper butt picture. My favorite.
Love you so much Paul

Aunt JoJo

the lady of the house said...

Me to Jode so fun!

Jackie said...

That smirk on his face looks like he is say "go ahead, just try and take my stool".
Mimi love her mr. brown eyes.
To the moon


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