Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grab a kleenex or 10...

My mom has an adorable little blog I want to introduce you to - it is called Idaho Round Pen click here to visit. Last night I was "blogging around" and I noticed she had a new post that I personally already knew was coming but I just didn't know when. I have been so looking forward to this post (or any post of hers honestly - when she writes she has a way of making me laugh and cry - most times at the same time) for a while and there it was... "Foxy". Now if you recall about a week ago I did a farewell post on Foxy (our old rope horse that passed away last week).

I really encourage you to jump over there and read this post it is amazing!!! She is amazing! and he was amazing!

Enjoy! and like I said grab a kleenex... or 10.

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