Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boooo Hoooo! Is it over yet?

Well I'm now 32 weeks and Wow! the count down is ON!! I've been putterin' around the house trying to get all those last minute things done with clothes, blankets and such and trying to continue to breathe. I'm so HUGE! I'll spare you the terrible pregnant pictures, for one thing - I'm just a big girl and number two I just don't wanna yet! Maybe later :)

My Little Guy has been very busy playing with all his fun gifts he got for his #2 birthday... Playing with cars, his trike and watching Cars over and over and over. Occasionally he walks up to me bad kisses or pats my belly and says ... "Baby..." and smiles. It is super sweet.

He has many many new tricks up his sleeve lately including filling his mouth full of water from his sippy cup and spitting it out on to anything and everything around him. Of course he looks my way to see if I'm looking first and then he spits. I've caught him quite a few times spitting into a little toy bucket he has and then the floor, the rug, and onto his highchair tray when he is bored with eating.

He also has a new trick where I'll say something like, it's time for nap and he'll say, "No, I'm not!" Although this is completely snotty of him, I just get a kick out of him.

Another thing he has been doing is helping himself to feeding Daphnie whenever he wants and I have invited him to take this on as his thing he is helping mama and daddy with, and of course he adores Daphnie and loves taking care of her. He also helps me put her outside to go potty in the morning or whenever I need him to. He is an awesome helper! When she is going potty he'll stand on the step and say "Aphie! Aphie! Aphie!" till she comes back in the house.

The other night he really wanted Daphnie to go with him to go into his room with him because we had told him to go in his room to play for a while. And she was not much into that idea of his :) So my husband grabbed some of her treats and would give the boy one and tell him to go in his room and then give her the treat and maybe she would catch on that he has goodies and she can have some if she'll follow him in there. Well that worked only a couple times and then Daphnie caught on that the treats were really being stored with Daddy and she was not to be tricked. Then my husband realized that before the boy was giving them to Daphnie (while in his room) he was licking them. I was just dieing of laughter and got high-centered (in a sense) on the couch - I couldn't move!

This weekend my husband is making salsa - I'm telling you he has been such a saint. Well... he is always pretty wonderful but he has truly been being completely aware of my needs as far as letting me sleep in, making me breakfast on the weekends, taking the boy for a couple hours some evenings when he doesn't have to work late. He has totally fulfilled his husband duties as far as taking care of his preggers wife while she is very much plump with child!

Today, I woke up and couldn't hardly move - just my back ached, my hips, my knees and it feels like this kid is DONE! but not quite - ya know! and man, my husband has been on the run for me all day - getting me ice packs for my back, taking care of the boy, making sure I'm fed and watered. He is just awesome! & I'm so blessed! Especially for the fact that he has been working super late hours for the past two weeks as a man got laid off from his office, so he has been doing his work as well as this other guy's work - then coming home to tend well.... me and the boy. My man rocks!


Jackie said...

Sorry you are really miserable, but it won't be long now. So thankful for your husband. Please hug him for me and hug that brown eyed boy too.

Misty said...

It sounds like he really is going above and beyond. That is honestly so reaffirming to hear. it is not always like that. you are one truly blessed girl! Before you know it, your secret named boy will be in your arms and not your belly :)


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