Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Talk To Strangers!! vs. Be Friendly!!

So... for the last couple times that we have took a trip to the grocery store, my little rascal has been - And I'm not kidding! - seems like he is running for President of the United States! He is telling everyone! and I mean everyone! Hello! Good Bye! Hi! (with a sweet little wave) and I'm surprised that he isn't kissing babies and signing ladies chests... this kid is flirty, friendly and seriously outgoing! It, sort of, embarrasses me... just a teeny tiny - but then the mama in me is so proud of him for being friendly and sweet. EVERYONE always smiles and says hi and just gets a kick out of him.

Last time we were in Winco I thought for sure that people were kind of worried about him because it was just after his dad shaved his head WAY TOO SHORT! so people kind of were looking at him like... is he sick? oh well, I'll just say hi - and they'd say something like, "you're so cute" and "awwwwwww" But tonight they were just like regular friendly back to him since he doesn't look like such a poor little bald pale boy :(

When is it okay to say be friendly and when is time to say - don't talk to strangers? I always want my kids to be greeting people with smiles and be friendly - that is what I try and do... I guess the challenge is teaching them that in certain situations you do have to be quiet and also to learn to read people's character and know when they are trustworthy vs. not trustworthy/shady - ya know?


Swanson Family said...

So True, I always tell my two they can talk to strangers only if mom and dad are with them. Cute blog, glad you stopped by mine!!

Phillips Family said...

Hey sweetie... I truly can say that, its a stage, Caden did that as well and I was the same way as you buy saying "dont talk to strangers"... And because he is at such a vunerable stage in life, I never let him out of my site. As you little man get older he will understand the whole "stranger" thing a little better. But I remember parents looking at me when I would tell him not to do that. My thought on that "oh well"...there are too many bad people out there. He still does it, to a point but now he is picking and choosing the people rather than every person on the way. Just watch him like a hawk, and dont let you guard down. Its awful we have to be this way, however its the fact of life now.

I hope you are feeling great and doing wonderful. You need more picures of he family on your blog!

Luv ya!

the lady of the house said...

I do need more pics - I know :( soon, before the next boy comes we are going to get a new camera as I still only have a film camera - Sad huh :(


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