Friday, March 20, 2009

Think Spring!

I was fortunate enough to be raised around on a farm so when Spring rolled around we would see all the new life that the warm sunny days had in store for the world. New baby calves, lambs, and kittens.

Baby kittys my favorite - my sisters and I would always take our baby doll dress up clothes and dress them up in dresses and hats. They would just purrrr...

My Grandma Pattie had sheep when we were growing up and I loved visiting her lambing shed where a lot of the baby lambs were born. Sometimes we would have to take care of the lambs if something went wrong and we would feed them on the bottle. We loved helping her and later when we were a little older we got some lambs of our own.

For an alternate income in our home my mom raised bottle calves and sold them when they got bigger. We had quite a few and it was part of our chores to help her feed and water them.

Spring also reminds me of the smell of lilacs which is probably my favorite flower smell. My Grandma's whole driveway was lined with lilacs - purple and white ones. We had one smaller bush at our house. To this day I love the smell and I think they are gorgeous!

As many of you can relate I'm sure - Spring is when my hay fever allergy always flares up. When I was little there was always random pollen irritating me or there was a nearby farmer who was swathing hay or combining grain. Our little valley was just a huge sneeze for me... It was pretty common for my little face to be swollen up and I was trying to keep my hands down from itching my eyes out. I don't have allergies near as bad now - but I also live in the city. HUGE difference :)

Spring is also when High School Rodeo would start so many of my spring memories is of us girls on the road together going to rodeos. Listening to Patsy Cline and Dean Martin. Oh! and don't forget the practicing! We would ride every night almost all year long - My parents have an arena in front of their house. I would so love to go back and be a fly on the post and listen to the conversations between us sisters... and the arguments :) I'm sure it would be hysterical!

Casi, Jodi, and Sami (My sisters and me!)


Todd and Jackie Echeverria said...

Great memories! I go back in time at least once a day, to the times when you girls were little, oh the stories I can tell. I praise God every day for "my girls" and the time I had you to myself. The songs we sang, and made up, the pickup blaring music while we were practicing. Dogs watching as if we could not do it without them. The smell of horse sweat. The look of determination on your faces. I will forever praise the Lord for each day with my girls. During those times, you never knew it, but I thanked God for the pleasure of being your mom. It was a big job, but we have a Big God. How blessed we are to be chosen for the job of being a mom. You girls are all great mothers, I am so proud of you. Press on each day and thank the Lord for the pleasure of raising your children to Love the Lord, Give 100% to whatever they do and Give Him the Glory.
to the moon

Krista said...

What great memories. I also love the spring. I love planting a garden, and see the world come back to life after teh long winter months.


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