Saturday, March 21, 2009

Remember my funk?

Well... about a week ago I figured out my funk... remember about two or three posts ago I told you all how I couldn't get out of bed and was so tired and just completely and utterly draggin' my butt! Well I found out...............


If that won't put you in a funk I don't know what will! I am very very early in the process about 6 weeks along - we went to the dr. this past Wednesday and DID get to see the heartbeat and found out my due date is November 10th!

For most of you who know I did go through a miscarriage right before I got pregnant with Pauly - so this first stage I would really appreciate all of your prayers as far as everything going alright. This first trimester just freaks me out! BUT I do my best to not think bad about it and just remember to Give it to GOD!

We are super excited and I'm not sure if it really has hit me yet... but I'm getting more and more excited every day!


Casey, Janelle, Ella, and Hadley said...

yay! congrats!!! thanks for sharing... and yes, you'll be in my thought and prayers. Love you!

Jaris said...

Congrats that is awesome.

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Love you sis, Jodi

Todd and Jackie said...

To the moon Ben Sami and Paul and little feller!

mimi and papa

Shelby said...

That's great news--congratulations!

Misty said...

I am just now getting a chance to catch up on blogs. This is an exciting and scary time so know that prayers are being lifted up for you, all the way across the valley!


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