Sunday, March 8, 2009

STOP and smell the roses...

With man this may seem impossible, but with GOD all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26
We had a pretty great weekend. We had a Blaze King Stove sell on Craig's List which put an additional $200 in our pocket and may all God's people say "AMEN"! We plan on using that and some of our tax money we got back to put into a garden and a little grass in our backyard. We will also put some money into a pump for a possible well Ben found on our property. That will surely cut down that darn water bill!
This verse above reminds me of new beginnings and what Springs has in store for our little home here. Yesterday when Pauly and I were outside playing I saw two robins pecking around in the lawn and I was so excited to see their ruby red breasts. They're gorgeous!
It got me to thinking about how impossible you would think it would be for a egg to turn into a bird. Such a beautiful metamorphosis. The robin's egg is a gorgeous shade of well yes blue... Robin's Egg Blue is one of my favs! The immaculate hand God has in every single thing BIG and small in our world. Whether we find it really important to dreadfully nonexistent and blah - it all cycles and changes and is beautiful and perfect because of his wonderful GRACE and impeccable plan and creation.
If it were all to stop what things would you finally notice because they went away or stopped? It is crucial to remember to open our eyes and appreciate everything we possibly can, because we never know when that one thing that we haven't appreciated might some day - be gone forever. Must have no regrets.
Photo by: Rosemary Cluley


Jackie said...

So very true and a great reminder.
to the moon

Krista said...

What a great observation.


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