Friday, March 6, 2009

I kiss the palms of your tiny hands and then lay them on my face.
I shut my eyes to savor the moment.
I love the feel of your soft precious skin against mine.
I grab you by your cheeks and pull you in for a big lip smooch.
I stroke your hair and help it all lay down, parted to the right.
You're my little man.
Your little arms swing back and forth as you run barefoot on our warn, sun kissed, wood floor.
I chase you through the kitchen, to the living room and on to your bedroom.
You trip and fall over the edge of the blue wool rug that graces the floor of your room.
I grab you up quick and hold you tight, your poor little eyes filled with tears.
You lay your head on my shoulder while you weep.
You squeeze around my neck with your tiny arms, still needing comforted.
The tears fade away and I inspect your little body.
You get a grin back on your face and you talk to me in that little adorable language you have.
I just nod and smile.
You grab your favorite book and plop yourself in my lap.
Your little head against my chest and your little hands in your lap.
You point at the pictures and repeat some of the words as I read to you.
You are so smart.
I wrap my arms around you and squeeze you tight.
We jump up at the same time and I hold your hand as we run through the house.
We play with the dog and you give her kisses.
She loves you.
You help me with the house chores as we wait for Daddy to come home from work.
Then suddenly we hear the door and you scream!
It's Daddy!
You run to him, he scoops you up and squeezes you tight.
His whiskers tickle you and you make a funny face.
You give him a kiss.
He asks you about your day.
You answer again in the little language you have.
He nods and smiles.
We eat dinner as a family.
You feed yourself with a spoon.You are doing such a great job!
We enjoy our night together wrestling, laughing and reading books.
Bedtime now and you kiss daddy goodnight.
You fold your little hands together ready to pray.
Your eyes shut and you are whispering a little prayer to yourself.
I pray with you and then give you a goodnight kiss.
I tuck you in and tell you I love you and that I will see you in the morning.
Soon, you are dreaming...

1 comment:

Todd and Jackie Echeverria said...

I'll try this again....
I could just see this all going on. It was so great that you shared this. Very well written.
I sure do miss them big brown eyes.
to the moon


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