Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Perfect Baby Handbook by Dale Hrabi

This was a book suggestion from a great friend of mine and I personally have not read it. It is being released today and you can read more about it here. It is by Dale Hrabi - from what I've heard about it it sounds like a fun read to learn about baby topics and how to handle them/learn more about your babies. There are so many parents out there that are so anxious when it comes to babies and raising them. In the beginning when I wasn't sure if I was truly doing the perfect things for Pauly in that perfect mother way - My mom mentioned to me that many idiots (even ones that I knew) had raised kids so she was fully confident that I could do it.
I'm sure you and your spouse have also had those moments after you have left those "said" people who you just aren't quite sure of their parenting ideas "Wow! Can you believe they raise their kids like that? They let their kids just run the show!" - I know Ben and I have! Some people are just nuts with their kids! Then the moment passes and we both are always thinking the same thing... are those people thinking the same thing about us right now :)
Amazon's Product Description included this statement -
The Perfect Baby Handbook provides much-needed comic relief from the pressures of modern parenting, and gives comfort to moms and dads who can say with a sigh of relief, “At least, we're not this bad.”
Misty Wagner at the Rainy Day in May Blog is my friend and she is the one that turned me on to this book... go check out her blog! It is a fun read!
I'm excited to read this book now for obvious reasons... the other day I went down to my baby book stash and grabbed a handful to get reacquainted with but if any of you end up reading this one or have already let me know what you think!


Jackie said...

Wow, did I really say that?
I sure didn't mean it. I am confident that you girls have the knowledge to take care of, nurture and raise a child. I had hoped that you learned that from your parents.
to the moon

the lady of the house said...

No Mom silly - what you were saying is that there are even idiots that we knew that did it so surely we could do it... don't you remember? It wasn't a bad or mean thing... silly girl


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