Friday, February 27, 2009

my little man

well my son has learned that men shake hands. he loves to talk to strangers in the line at the library and last week he put his handout to shake this 6'5" ft tall guy (i'm serious he was huge!) and my little boy put out his hand and the i had to tell the guy what he wanted (because one-year-old little boys don't usually shake hands and introduce themselves) so the guy kneeled down and shook Pauly's hand and Pauly continued to talk his ear off till i checked my books out. it was precious and of course i was so proud!

then he did it again this week! we were just walking out of the library and a man was walking behind us, he grabbed the door for us and talked to Pauly a little... then Pauly started to talk back (in his own little interesting language) and the man sort of looked at me for me to translate and i give him the look like - dude, you're on your own! then Pauly stretched out his little hand (and i piped up - because i knew what that meant) so i said, "he wants to shake your hand," the man gave me this look like - really? and there on the steps of the library he shook my little man's hand.


Krista said...

That is so very sweet!

Jackie said...

I heard a message once about raising boys to be Spiritual leaders, husbands, and fathers.
Think about the man he will become and remember to pray for the woman God has for him. Remember how dad and I used to pray for who God had for you? That you would be the wife they needed to love unconditionaly and encourage?
I think you and Ben are doing a great job.

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