Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HGTV Showdown: Battle of Design Stars

I don't know when this Showdown first aired but I caught this last night on HGTV (one of my most favorite channels) This competition was between designers Kim Myles (Myles of Style) and Matt Locke against Jennifer Bertrand and Todd Davis. Their mission was to makeover a room that was the room of two sisters. And their Mama and Daddy were picking the winner! This is the Raspberry Room designed by Jennifer and Todd. Todd designed the window treatment that... believe it or not... folded down into a little tent like get-away for their girls that they could sit in and play in. I just fell in love with this room. I love the magnetic paint on the walls with the flowers so they could put up magnetic letters, I adore the window/tent like treatment and just the over all design really tugged at my girlly decor heart strings.
and this was the winner... This room was designed by Kim and Matt. It has a little stage in the front with bright colors and great storage! There is storage under the stage (so smart huh!). They also put chalkboard paint on the wall and a huge roll of butcher paper that rolls down into that purple frame where they can paint/color away till their hearts desire! There were also adult chairs in there for mom and dad to watch the show!I just love this type of show. I get inspired by them and I just love the overall competition of it all! It would of been a really hard decision to make. (all pictures came from HGTV.com)

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Anonymous said...

I really think you could do a great job with interior design. I have always loved your nursery and think you did a good job (with what you had). You have always been very creative. And you use your materials very wisely. I am very excited to see Paul's quilt. How is that going?
Love you sista'!

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