Monday, February 2, 2015

His mercies are new every morning

It's amazing sometimes to think about God's mercies. At times it can be overwhelming, sometimes maybe even confusing or maybe even at times unbelievable. I think when doubt can sometimes creep into our hearts regarding God's mercy - this can be a great opportunity to go to Him and search His promises and truths and this can be a time for growth and to draw even closer to Him. His mercies are a bit foreign to our human hearts - I mean, why would God give two hoots about little ol' me who daily disregards His promises -- who is often forgetful and/or defiant to His direction. How is it the creator of Heaven and Earth is able to turn around the next morning and say, "Okay, Sami Jo - new start - let's try this again." ... ...

When I think about this, I think about my own life - - just to give myself some type of reference-point for comprehending this great love. Obviously I can no way even come close to comparing to God's love, but the love I have for my kids is probably the closest I can get to having some kind of understanding. 

As a parent, grandparent or guardian, I'm guessing you have sat outside your kids' doors either after a nap time or after a night's sleep - just wondering if you heard that little good morning peep. Are they actually awake or am I just hearing things? You miss them. Yes - yesterday they took a marker and drew all over themselves and your wood floor AND the walls, they got into things they shouldn't have, they might of talked nasty to you or you might of had one of THOSE days that when bedtime FINALLY came - you put them to bed and the second you closed that door you took in a huge sigh of relief. So thankful that this crazy day with that ornery child was finally over! Somehow, after all this, when morning comes often we are ready and excited to see them again. We are excited and happy and oh so thankful to have another day with them and go at it all again. 

Now again - this doesn't even remotely compare to God's unconditional love for us, to His understanding of our hearts, our brokenness and our weaknesses, our struggles and our shortcomings. God's mercies and forgiveness far surpasses what we could ever extend to others. The awesomeness about it all is that He has it available to each and everyone of us! I don't know about you but if I'm struggling really hardcore with one of my boys - it just takes that mama-look to my other boys if they are starting to give me trouble and they know - mama's gonna lose it if they don't behave themselves. It doesn't work that way with God. His patience doesn't run out with us. He doesn't get irritable and He doesn't have a level where if we just keep pushing and pushing that He just may lose it! 

It's pretty awesome to think how much grace and mercy - more than plenty to go around for all of us - all of His children. Not only that, but He knows our hearts. So He knows why we struggle the way we do. He knows the brokenness that is in our past that creates the anger and bitterness and defiance that we are dealing with today. He knows it all and he still has mercy for us and he still wants to start fresh with us each morning. 

He just so wants to have a relationship with all of us - so that when we are in doubt of understanding His mercies- we can go to Him and say, "Father? Why and how can you forgive me for all this and the next morning start fresh knowing that it is quite possible I am going to mess it all up again? ... How?" ... He longs to have this kind of relationships with all of us where He can gently take our sweet little hands in His hands and look deeply into our eyes and say, "You are mine and I am going to keep you. ... Your sins have been covered by my son's sacrifice and no matter what - I will always love you."

Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  23  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 

Lamentations 3: 22-23 

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