Thursday, January 3, 2013

a french fling

usic, for me, is an escape. I
adore just sitting in a chair, and
listening to music with my eyes
closed and the places it takes me -
well... I won't be telling all my secrets.

This day has been a blah-of-a-day.
I woke up and got going but about half way through my morning I got extremely tired and
I got a pretty big headache. So I started my boys (and my niece - I'm watching her this week) a nice little movie. I snuggled up on the couch with my husband's most divine best blanket to have when you not feeling so hot and I got a really nice nap in.
I get that most people can't just do that with their kids and be able to trust them not to get into anything but that's just the kind of kids we've got. They are good kids but they also know what consequences come if they do not behave themselves... ehem! So they behave.
We did get outside today to get a little fresh air. I can't believe how cold it is. The temperatures for this whole week are below freezing. I don't ever remember it being THAT cold here in the winter but I could be wrong, I guess.
It's amazing what a little fresh air will do for you. My kids are near conked out right now (8 p.m.), watching a kids show in my bed and usually they are still trying to wind-down for the evening at this time. My dogs are also both sprawled out sleeping. I just love it! I also am thinking it is going to be an early bedtime this evening. I'm just zonked!
Right now, as I'm typing away, I'm swaying my head back and forth and bouncing my big toe up and down to my French Music channel on Pandora. Hellllllo! If you've never just sat and listened to french music - well may I be the first to invite you to do so!

 This is exactly the kind of music I am talking about! The kind that the moment I lay my head back to rest on my chair and close my little peeps I am strolling down a beautiful cobbled street that has really exquisite shops and they all beautiful window scenes set up. I would of course be having one of my best hair days ever, be about 50 lbs (or more) lighter and would be of course, wearing something fun and flirty! And there would be high heels! Not because they are my favorite but just because they add to that Paris/Romantic/Dreamy flare, don't you think??
Of course there is music playing softly constantly throughout this walk and for the entire day. I can hear it now as I continue to stroll and peek at windows. Then maybe at some point I'll stop at a sweet little cafe and there I'll sit (outside of course) and read (I don't really enjoy reading but I'm dreaming here) and there I'll sit for a while, maybe sip a little coffee and have a nibble or two of some croissant or maybe some tarte tartin -- whatever it is, it would only be a couple of bites because well, this is France where they don't hardly eat much, right? 
My evening will end with meeting up with My Love at nearby fountain where he'll have a picnic basket filled with wonderful cheeses, and breads, and other fine foods from a nearby delicatessen. Somehow in this picture I have a whole new dress on - but hey, like I said, it's my dream and it can be any way I want...

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