Thursday, June 16, 2011

~ when he's away ~

When my husband's away,
there are a few things I can
get away with... Things like
using HIS favorite coffee cup
with my morning coffee...

because honestly, isn't this cup

the bomb!?

I can also get away with skipping out on the

NBA Finals.

Jealous. Aren't ya? Lol!

Yep, full authority of the television remote.
HGTV here I come!

Then - I can plan anything I want
on the menu,
(that's right - we're having turkey burger tonight kids!)
Nice and healthy :)

And then
there's no stinky gym clothes staring me in the face
when I go downstairs to do laundry...

there is also no sweet hugs and kisses from my lover boy,

no awesome conversation about our boys and our life together.

no laughing sessions (well my sis did fill in pretty well in this department actually),

no one to stay up late with,

no on to take care of these...

no one to make it all better so I can sleep at night...

Don't you sleep SO MUCH better when your spouse is home?
I Do!

My goodness I missed him!
besides - I'll bet if I ask nicely...

he'll let me barrow his favorite coffee cup
any. time. I. want.

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