Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ * ~ Christmas 2010 ~ * ~

This was the first Christmas that Pauly set out cookies for Santa Claus.
He was very excited that night and it took him a whole hour to get to sleep.
We got to spend Christmas at Ben's mom's house.
With Granny and Grandad.
This is her Christmas Tree.
I LOVE the blue and green lights.
then there is Pauly's Doctor Set and William's toy
from Santa.
So fun!
Stockings stuffed.
I just love Christmas night.
I love setting out the presents and arranging them, stuffing the stockings,
and setting out the toys that "Santa" left for the boys.

My mama always left one or two presents unwrapped with a bow - so I like to do the same thing because I remember it being SO fun to see the toys when we went out to peek before we woke up Mom and Dad.
I LOVED that.
Doctor Paul.
and please look at the look on his face...
this was about when he noticed the cookies and milk were gone -
come to find out, he didn't really understand that Santa was going to drink his cookies and milk -
so he was upset a little. It was hilarious.

It's funny how kids end playing with each other's toys and it's funny what toys end up being their favorite.
Turns out the favorites for these boys were little Toy Story figurines - Buzz and Woody.
My boys LOVE Toy Story movies
Mimi and Papa got them all three of the Toy Story movies.
Talk about a movie marathon.

These doctor glasses crack me up!

One of my favorite things is watching my husband play with my boys.
He adores them
they adore him.
Then, we ate.
and ate.
and ate.
Granny is a GREAT cook!
and my husband made the majority of the pies.
The chocolate pie was my favorite but this pumpkin came in a close second.
He's a pie genius.
Granny makes all her own bread
she made 3 different types of dressings!
There was a gal and her family who also joined us for Christmas Dinner
she brought this beautiful dessert.
It was SO good.
It was like a yummy custard like pudding inside
and she said she painted egg whites on the outside
of the oranges and rolled
them in sugar.
So Pretty!
We played lots of games
I LOVE playing games!
Ben and I were on the same team playing Pictionary.
And we won! We rocked it!!
And I was also on the winning team when we played Password.
THAT is a fun game!

Christmas is over and now we are gearing up for New Years.

My sissy is here to visit for a week and we are having a ball!

I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures of her visit and of our New Years Party!

Happy New Year!


lyssa said...

I love the realization that Santa ate his cookies - priceless!!!

Living in Cancer said...

Tell Ben that I am in need of Pie lessons. Sean is a pie guy and my pie making skills are seriously lacking.


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