Friday, November 5, 2010

Yahoooo! I got a blog award! and I'm passing it on...

I met
through Etsy.

She made me the cutest aprons that I had intended to give to my nephews but I'm keeping them for my boys as the nephews already have some. (really should do my homework before I buy Christmas presents:) So the nephews are getting a cookbook and my boys will keep the fancy aprons. Works.

Anyhow, I remembered a few days ago that I hadn't left any feedback on Etsy for her so off I went to do so, as she was so awesome, the aprons are really cute and she catered to my every request and need.

She. Is. Amazing!

I found
and of course, I had to go take a peek -

she has amazing tutorials from making coffee bag rugs and apron AND (which this is such a totally cool way to acknowledge your readers) she posts tutorials of her readers' creations and how they made them like this oversized tote one of her readers sent her...

She is super creative with her designs, she puts her heart into her creations and her family.
She's been a joy to read.

I found a post back in October that she had given me a blog award and I was thrilled! I've got one other blog award before. So thoughtful!

I kind of feel bad that I didn't notice it back in October so I could of paid it forward back then but at least I noticed it in November of 2010 instead of November of 2011, right?

So here I am, ready to Pay it Forward! With the award I am also supposed to share 7 things about myself.

1. My biggest pet peeve is the correct usage of the word to vs. two vs. too.... eeeeek!
2. I'm a huge fan of thrift stores!
3. We have 4 chickens... in the city.
4. My dream is to one day have a boutique with  refurbished furniture, home decor and all that stuff that makes my heart sing.
5. Disney Movies make me happy.
6. When I fold my towels they all have to be exactly the same and then stacked in my cupboard exactly the same... (as my eye twitches... ha! ha! ha!)
7. I HATE flies. So gross.

and I'm also supposed to pass on the award to a new blog that
I've enjoyed reading and the award goes to....

I her met briefly before her and her family moved away to start a new adventure. a new life. in the backwoods of central Michigan. 

Her name is Melyssa Williams and she is... well to simply put it -
she's mama to all.

Her and her husband are house parents in a Baptist Children's Home. Her blog is chalked full of witty humor and she has a wonderful way of making you feel like you're not the only one...

 - I'm not the only one that collapses to the floor in tears.

 - I'm not the only one who wants to lock my self in the bathroom and refrain from pulling my hair out.

 - I'm not the only one who says easy peasy. 

I can relate to her as her husband (like mine) knows right at that littlle second before she will turn into the evil "fire-breathing shrew" - that's when he knows she needs a break. Cracks me up. That's usually when Ben will say maybe you should go grocery shopping BY. Your. self. 

Yipee! A moment of peace and quiet! I get to go battle the grocery store, by myself. I'm In!!!!

has been such an awesome blog to read and I'm trying to go back in the past posts and catch up with her life... let me just say - she's super entertaining.
So here you are Melyssa...

Thanks Melyssa for stopping by here and leaving sweet and Funny! comments and I feel so blessed to have met you before you moved - you and your family are in my prayers.

Happy Weekend All!


lyssa said...

Awwwww! You're so sweet and I feel so luffed!

Just when I wish I lived in frontier times, or in colonial times, or in Mr Rochester/Mr Darcy times, then I remember blogging and all that's lovely with it, and suddenly I like very much, being a 21st century gal!

Thank you for the acknowledgment, my dearling!

Jane said...

This was such a fun post to read! First, thanks so much for all the lovely things about me, my shop and my blog. It is always nice to hear! And please don't feel bad that you didn't notice the award. I was supposed to email everyone but got too lazy! Finally, I enjoyed the interesting info about you - like the chickens! I hope you achieve your dream of a boutique some day... (Grammar pet me crazy, "too"!)

Thanks again!


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