Monday, November 1, 2010

Moi + Antique World Mall = Heaven on Earth

My mom was here this last weekend and we went to an antique store.
It was home decor, vintage and antique. It was called
Antique World Mall,

Inside the store there was a section called the Annex which featured vintage items, painted furniture, antiques and many home decor items.... I was in heaven.

I snapped some pics to share.

I adore burlap  pillows with stenciling on them....


The color and shape of this grandfather clock is awesome... not quite sure about the foofy face on it,
but love the shape and color!!!
I looked and looked at this thing and wasn't quite sure what it "was used" for, but I
had a few ideas of what I would use it for.

Craft Room to hold supplies

Sewing Room to hold fabric,

it could hold home linens,

or books...

What ideas do you have?
Little Mr. was with us and it was interesting trying to get him to keep his hands to himself!
This bookcase is amazing! It's made out of old doors and
I just love the details and the paint colors they used!

I would say my style is a mixture of coastal, industrial and country.... shabby chic isn't necessarily me and part of what I want in my home... but

sometimes I see things that I think - Wow! Maybe I need to do a room shabby style :) ....
maybe for a little girl... *grin*



I could totally make one like this!! So many ideas everywhere I turned!
I'll have to go back when I don't have a little helper with me.

Are you going to start with any Christmas decorations yet?


AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Sami Jo! Oh how I love Antique World Mall and especially the annex. I could spend hours in that mall. Give those two cute little guys of yours big hugs from me!!

Susan and Bentley

lyssa said...

I LOVE that bookshelf!

Mail it to me for Christmas?


I'd be forever grateful.

Misty said...

pray tell, where is this magical place of wonder?


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