Wednesday, October 27, 2010

informal introduction

a couple of you already know...

she's truly a gem.

I can't honestly call this an informal introduction today because honestly,
 I've had a formal introduction with this gal.

many of them.

we actually grew up together.

she was a cheerleader, i was the sportygirl.

we were acquaintances - yes, i would say just acquaintances.

we didn't run the same "circles".

i had a circle of about 4 gals...

she had a a huge circle of boys and girls... lots of friends.

she was also in choir.

all i did was play sports... it kept me out of trouble.

i'm sure i made fun of her for being a cheerleader as i did all of them... i was just mean like that back then.

i was jealous of her confidence in knowing who she was and
i wished i had an ounce of as much spunk and energy as she did.

she'd do cartwheels and back handsprings down the court - cheering her little heart out...

i'm sure this is where i would roll my eyes again... it's one of the things i did best.

she was smart and driven.

i survived in school and kept my grades up just enough so i could get my weekly-review sheet signed off by teachers and continue playing sports...  
she ended up graduating a year early and going on to college.

i graduated a semester early and escaped as soon as i could to who knows where for who knows why...

dragging my feet the entire way.

years later -
we reconnected on face book.

then we started to read each other's blogs.

i go to her's
when i need a glimmer of nostalgia
or a funny story with
the silly things her adoreable children say.

she has deep thoughts and they challenge me to think again about something i might have already thought i had figured out.

she stops by here and leaves me super sweet comments and we tease back and forth about our decorating handicaps.

she is fun.

she is a blessing.

through the last couple years i've come to find out we had a lot more in common than i realized.


we were both stay-at-home mamas, wives and

women needing daily encouragement and inspiration.

so here we are today.

she's got two little angels

and i've got my two little rascals

we both strive daily to be

women of substance,

encourage our husbands,

and keep our homely abode picked up and ready to rock-n-roll.

you've been such a blessing these past couple years since we've reconnected.

i'm so thankful to call you my friend.

and these.





Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
since as members of one body you were called to peace.
And be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

Have a Sun Shiny day!


Daisy Cottage said...

What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your friend! So so endearing and uplifting. xoxoxo

And thank you dear Sami Jo for your blog visits and sweet comments. My only sadness about blogging is that I am not always able to visit all of the bloggers that I would love too... sigh. But I wanted to thank you this morning - for being YOU.


Krista said...

Thank you so much! High School was high school. I didn't see yself that way at all. I'm glad i had everyone eles fooled. I am so glad we reconnected too. It's been great. You are an amazing lady! I'm glad to know you.

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