Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you know how to get the "latest version" of blogger?

To start.
As you can see - my little sweet blog has gone through many many little changes.
If you see anything that you want to know how i did. just ask. i would love to help you out.

now. how to get the latest version of blogger...
you might ask?
what does she mean - latest version? 
well... I just started a new blog (more info on that to come very soon) and I noticed this new blog has a lot of new editing options when I am writing up my first post.
I, of course do what I always do when I have a question about anything -
and that is...


and I found that it is way easy and I'm excited to share with you.

To get the latest version of blogger you simply go to your 
1. Dashboard
2. Settings
3. then page down to the bottom of the first tab in Settings
and click on Updated Version (recommended)


You did it!!!

Now, remember - if you have any questions about how to do anything about setting up your blog - I'd be glad to try and help.  I'm not saying I "know it all" about Blogger but I'd love to give it a go to help ya out with any problems ya got. *wink*

Happy Day,

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