Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a big green bug, rugby and a cocktail to remember

ben and i were getting ready for bed after watching our friday night flick (Hurt Locker - definitely recommend it) and ben spotted this beauty on wall.
it was HUGE! it took us forever to
1. stop laughing
2. find something big enough to put it in
3. stop laughing
we did finally get this MONSTER out of the house.
we, as in ben did it - even though i'm the dorkgirl that let him in.
*tee hee*
the next morning we woke up to delicious divine coffee
his & her coffee cups.
we both have our favorite cups - we each have 2 favorites.
our guests get to drink out of the plain ole white ones... boring.
(nah! i'd share with ya *wink*)
the boys had their favorite: mama's hot cereal
i totally spoil them and put a little brown sugar, cinnamon and half n half in their
hot cereal and it's creamy and divine.
then off to the grocery store little man and i went.
he was such a good boy and had a lot of people swooning over his cuteness.
how could they not?
one gal even came up to him and held his hand and kissed it
(should i be freaked out by this ~ i thought i should but i'm not... does that make me weird?)
she was super sweet and so was her husband.
very cute older couple who obviously know a cute kid when they see one.
(every time i go grocery shopping and we're loading and unloading groceries i warn them when they are big enough - THIS will be their job!)
rushed home, put away groceries and packed snacks, toys, the stroller and the Amuma blanket. (all of our blankets have names based off of who made them for us)
THEN off to the Rugby pitch!
My boys LOVE balls, other men, dirt, obviously catch on quickly based on the fact that there was a man by us screaming at "his" team and so my older boy followed suite and screamed every time he did.
i buried my head.
getting this kid to leave on his hat is next to Impossible!

awwww... my little men.
yeah... i just had to...
*tee hee*
pauly started getting a little antsy so i would send him for a run to the fence and back.

this was him on his first trip to the fence and he found a man-hole.
he had to stop to check-it-out.
this was one of the many times he was standing up screaming GO!!!!!!!
I died.

my guys.
(yes, pauly found a stick and kept beating us with it)on the way home we decided to do something a little fun and different for dinner.
we bought some shrimp and that shrimp mixed with the delicious concoction my genius husband created using V-8, hot sauce and fresh veggies and cilantro... pure bliss!
he's so good to me. Mexican Shrimp Cocktail ~ delish!

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Annikke said...

Love the pictures! They are getting so big :-(

The Mexican Shrimp Cocktail looks yummy!


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