Tuesday, July 20, 2010

False Advertising... or is it?

Life has been kinda crazy around here lately. Saturday was a pretty hot day, and I thought I was being a good mama when I went to the store to get my boys a little kiddie pool.
Paul had a good time in it. William thought he was being punished.
Paul probably spent an hour in the pool and then came in for the night.
The next morning (Sunday), I got him dressed for church but noticed he was really .... blah.
So me and my Mr. were worried he had a bug so they stayed home from church so we didn't spread the buggy love.
So off to church William and I went to church.
I had nursery - which usually means good visiting with the other mamas and running after kids.
Good Fun!
After church William and I went to the grocery store as I had not done any shopping since I had got back from mom and dad's yet. SO.
I ended up getting quite the load of groceries and thankfully when we got home, daddy was there to put them away as William was D.O.N.E. and I was starving.
I was taking a breather in my comfy chair holding William when I glanced in the kitchen as I was talking to Ben to notice he was writing with a sharpie on the box of biscuits I had just bought for our little Mr.
My husband is such a goon!
I love how he can make me laugh!!!
William just started crawling and already is so fast! ...
so this was quite fitting. By the way, we think Pauly had a little too much heat that day in the kiddie pool and two days later he is finally back to normal.
Be careful in that heat friends! Scary!


Annikke said...

Poor little guy! Glad he is better!

Holly said...

Hello Sweetie,
The pictures are wonderful! I'm so happy they have little cousins. I'm glad your mister is feeling better:) Love you.

redeemed diva said...

Ankle biters! Classic. Hope Pauly is all better--and thanks for the reminder of hot weather.

Misty said...

poor pauly!

so funny! Silly ben! (can't believe William is crawling already!!!!)

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