Friday, July 16, 2010

there's no place like home...

Destination: Home.

Little Darlings in tow.

Plan: Meet sister halfway so we can travel together.

Feed the kids and hope they nap.
Mission Accomplished.

And we're off!

Arrived at Mimi and Papa's safely.
The kids didn't waste any time finding something to do.

Coloring, drawing... anything to pass the time till Mimi and Papa got home from work.

Five Grand babies.
Goodness me! Time flies.
Mimi and Papa got home from work and it was time to
chow down some delicious stew and then head out to ride.

Casi and Jodi - My beautiful sisters.

Birch and Mimi

Bailey and Mimi

Pauly and Mimi

Sweet Pea and Mimi.


Casi Jean Bean (Hint: Bean is NOT her last name :) and Bubba
Birch waiting for his turn.
I loved this picture.
Isn't he stinkin' cute!?
Such a character.
Mimi and Papa's Baby Girls.

The Tractor Man.
Everything is tractor, Everyday, Everywhere.
Tractor, tractor, tractor.
I love him.

& I love her.

Billy playing on the blankey while the kids play at the park.

Our kids love picnics at the park.
Bailey Boo and Sweet Pea too.

Eat your lunch!
...then you can go play.

Mimi and Papa's Little Men.
Papa and Splash ready to go!
Aunt Cece ropin' calves.
Our. Kids. Love. Dirt.
Sweet Pea? Who threw dirt on you?
Who threw dirt on Birch?
Who threw dirt on Bailey?
Pauly did.
Who threw dirt on Pauly?
Pauly, who threw dirt on you?
I did it.
oh jeez, marg...
Picnic at Grandma Great's and Grandpa Bills.
Lay out a blanket with some toys - kids good for hours.
Miss Bailey.
She's the oldest grandchild -
so it was super weird for me to see her being such a big girl and so mature.
She's a sweetheart.
Isn't she beautiful? Love those sweet pink lips.
Me and my Grandpa Bill and Daddy-o.
I love these two men with all my heart.

Mama and Jodi.
Grandma Great giving Pauly a bite of her delicious Cherry Cheesecake.
She worked her tail off and we had a wonderfully delicious meal - potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, hamburgers and hot dogs and for dessert - German chocolate cake and like I said... her Cherry Cheesecake.

I love laughing around with family.
This is my Aunt Lyn.
Aunt Jo Jo helping Pauly chase Birch around.
Uncle Mark taking his turn chasing kids.
They loved it!
Uncle Mark and Grandpa Bill...
pretty easy to tell they're father and son - huh.
They stand exactly the same.
Time to color with chalk on the back patio.

Hold still!
This was so tough... took me several times to get something half-way decent.
Kids. So squirmy!
Pauly boy.
My attempt to take a crafty pic. :)
Cool shades chica!
She's ALL girl.
It was HOT! her little cheeks were so flushed.
his too.

It doesn't get much better than this...

well.... then there's this.
pretty sweet, huh.
Back to Grandma Great's for some fun in the kiddie pool.

In and Out.
In and Out.
The kids would run through the pool and Aunt Jo Jo would spray them.
Aunt Ce Ce and Mimi.
Then Papa gave two little boys some hats.
They adore them.
I think Pauly wants a rope for his birthday... he better not ask for a goat, Papa.
I won't be able to handle a goat and chickens in the city.
BUT... I do have a ton of weeds that need ate.... hmmm.......
Birchy loves his Mama.

Thank you Mimi and Papa for the wonderful time! So glad we were all able to be together.
I love you all so much!
To the moon.


AshTreeCottage said...

What a very BEAUTIFUL family you have!!!

Susan and Bentley

Toni said...

Thank you so much for sharing. It looks like fun was had by all. Makes me miss the mountains a bit. I loved looking at all of the pictures. You are all so beautiful. Again, thank you for sharing. :D

Jackie said...

Great Blog sis. You always do such a great job. I love you and miss you already.

Sandra said...

Oh I loved all the photos, there really is nothing like going home and being with family :)

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Love you tons sister,

thelumberjackswife said...

You take great pictures! Thank you for sharing-looks like a great trip!

redeemed diva said...

Hey girl. Looks like you got to DO some stuff! Way to go!

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