Thursday, June 17, 2010

mysterious ways

Well as I said, I wanted to share with you - how I ran into the poem
and how God intervened so that I might make a new friend.

It was a late night and I was working on this post - I wanted a poem or maybe a quote to go along with the post and something popped in my head so I googled the words "sit with me" and the first thing to pop up was this poem.

It said at the bottom of the page to make sure and email the author of the poem, Kathleen Higham, if you wanted to use the poem... so I did. I wanted her to know how beautiful her poem was and I asked her if I could share it with you all, as well as the Mamas in my Mamas' Group with my church.

The very next morning I got a reply from her. She was very sweet. She said I could of course use her poem, she said she had wrote the poem for a Mother's Day Service. She also told me that I was the second person to ask permission to use it, recently as there was a mother from Utah whose 18 year old daughter had been killed in a car accident in December. The lady said that they had put a lovely bench by her grave site and they wanted to put her poem on the bench. Ms. Higham cried. She cried not only because that mother was grieving but also because she was so honored that they had found comfort in her poem, her being a total stranger.
I cried, too.

I commended her on her beautiful talent and how much I loved the poem. She agreed that God was using her to meet people all over the world. Kathleen is a retired nurse. She has written 750 poems and devotionals. Kathleen is now writing for and in a few months, she will publish her 3rd book.

Her first book can be found on Amazon.

A beautiful opportunity to minister God's promises, I'd say.

She wrote in her email to me,
"It is an honor when someone writes to me and asks to share His words that He gives to me."
"I know God has given us a divine appointment."

I was so thankful to had found the beautiful poem and to meet a new friend,
a Godly woman friend to boot!
His ways amaze me!

Now, if you would join me, I would like to lift Kathleen up in prayer today as she is recovering from shoulder surgery and also her husband's health. She is also working on starting a publishing business with another gal. The publishing company is to help Christian writers get their work published "without taking a beating". I pray that starting the business will go smoothly. Thank you Dear Lord for introducing me to Ms. Higham. She is truly a blessing.
In Jesus' Name,

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thelumberjackswife said...

What a beautiful story! She sounds like a wonderful person! :)

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