Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Accent.

Do you have a favorite accent?
I started thinking about this today when I was watching the World Cup.
There was a man announcing on there who had this crazy accent that I could barely understand BUT, I liked it. I like how accents make us different.
Different is good.
Let's admit it - accents are hot!
Hugh Grant has a awesome British accent -
I think I like him best (so far) in Notting Hill - one of my favorites!
I love how each country has their own silly words for cursing.
Like the British accent has "Bugger!"
I love it when he says it
what a cool word to express frustration.
And then there is Mr. Gerald Butler...
The "Studly Scotsman".
I've heard that Mr. Butler might be losing his accent due to Hollywood roles.
If you haven't seen 300 -
well drop everything NOW and go do so.
Prepare yourself for a lot of Mr. Butler deliciousness... Alright then!
Next, we have the famous Aussie Chef.
I heart the Australian accent, it is distinct and a pleasure some delight for the ear.
Curtis Stone's accent is just that
and (whisper) he is easy on the eyes. Okay!
This post really wasn't a good excuse to write about good-looking men... or was it? Moving on!
Curtis is a chef from Australian but trained in London.
His accent brings both Aussie flare and British charm.
Then we have ole Mr. Cary Grant.

Need I say more?
What a handsome-regal face. No?
His accent is Mid-Atlantic (between American and British).
I lof it.
My favorite movie of his was when Mr. Grant played in Father Goose.
His good looks weren't really showcased in this movie
(but come-on! It's Cary Grant for goodness sake!)
Heart Heart Cary Grant
Anyhow, the combination of young girls, led by the beautiful Leslie Caron, intruding on his island as Mr. Grant was supposed to be keeping an eye out for Japanese ship movements during WWII - instead he was drinking himself in to many deep drunken naps.
It is hilarious and very sweet!
Which leads me to my newest accent crush.
Mr. Matthew Goode.
and oh.

Matthew, on the movie Leap Year, has an Irish Accent. I don't personally know if in real life if he is Irish or if this accent was just "acting" but it was VERY believable! Loved it!

I, especially, love it when he calls Amy Adam's character "Bob".

It makes her crazy.

Leap Year is a fresh new flick about a young gal doing anything and everything! to try and get engaged to her boyfriend Jeremy.

Including tracking her boyfriend down to Dublin, Ireland to propose to him on Leap Year, because she says, "In Ireland, women can propose marriage on February 29th, leap year."

She goes through absolute craziness trying to get to Dublin and ends up in a small town where she meets Declan, (Matthew's character) who thinks she is absolutely insane but decides to take her up on her offer to escort her to Dublin for exchange of money as he is badly in need of moollah to fix his bar/restaurant/hotel place that SHE just about burnt to a crisp.

I won't tell you anymore about it other than

it is a really cute movie and Matthew's accent is simply


But I'm really lucky, you know why?

My husband, can fake just about any accent - he is really good at it.

I think my favorite one is the Irish one though, especially when he calls me 'Las'.


Jackie said...

Sami is a knucklehead, la la la la la la.

Brambleberry said...

Yes. Definately a British accent. Very nice, indeed!

Shelley in SC said...

I was remaining unaffected by this post until you had to go and put up that pic of Curtis Stone. Sigh! Yes, do love me an exotic accent.

We were camping last week, so I've enjoyed getting caught up on your world : ).

lyssa said...

Mmmmmm mmmm!

My favorite hugh Grant is About A Boy.
My fav Cary Grant is Arsenic and Old Lace.
I'm looking forward to seeing Leap Year! :)

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