Saturday, April 17, 2010

So long farewell

Well... farewell for only a little while... I'm going to take a blog break. If you haven't noticed my posts have been incredibly boring and short. I'm bored, exhausted, trying to recover from wisdom teeth ickiness and I just need a break. I'm going to take a break from the computer for a week actually. It will be nice. I just let myself look to blogging as my peace rather than cracking open my Bible or talking to an actual person.

I will be back in a week and hopefully have a ton of fun pics and maybe even a clean house. Hmmm that's a wish-upon-a-star kind of thought... but maybe.

Anyhow, other than updating Netflix and email. I'm not going to Facebook (I know, I know Diva) or Blog and hopefully come back with fresh ideas, fun pictures and not be SO BORING.

My husband even told me today that instead of how Lightening McQueen says "Speed, I am Speed." - I should say "Boring, I. am. boring." - This came up because well... as my family knows my toddler is addicted to Cars and most movies for that matter... that's maybe another thing we should try and go without for - for a week. Naaa - I'd go crazy! Anyway, don't you think that's love right there - at least he told me before I bored you all to death.... well I hope you aren't already.... well - any way.

Hugs and Kisses and See ya in a week!!!


Krista said...

Have a good break. I will miss you.

Jackie said...

Focusing on the Lord.........can't go wrong with that.
So proud of you Sami Jo.
I love you to the moon.

Annikke said...

Have fun on your break.... just wanted to let you know I got my flip-flops yesterday - I TOTALLY LOVE THEM!!! They are so comfy too! I already used the nail color and painted my toes last night. I blogged about them this morning! You are so sweet -- and did an excellent job picking them out! They are seriously perfect! THANK YOU!

5minutemom said...

I missed you too! Your comments are full of the hugs you intend. I'm swamped with new people looking at my blog that it feels like forever since I've been here.
So, point one:
1. You are not boring. I don't read boring blogs and I read you.
2. You have so much to say--because blogging is about your recording the memories of your life. the everyday simple stuff that you don't want to forget--like your boys discovering a flower for the first time, or the time you put your feet up to look at a magazine. It's the little things. And if you don't record'll forget all about how they shaped your life. You, your family, your love for life is not boring! No way. No how.
3. I'm so proud of you for kicking facebook to the curb with a clothesline, drop kick to the head. You are so smart!
4.Let's remember what Lightning McQueen learned---there's more to life than being speed.he'd rush by those small moments.
5.You have the best headers.
6. It takes a while to find your voice. But you are on to something...her household. You know that you are the heart of your home and I read this blog through that lens. You are a lady--a woman who desires to be lovely in the midst of dirty diapers and messy house.

So want a tip from blogger to blogger?
Go through every post you have and try to tag or label it within 10-12 labels (,i want that, my boys, etc.) You'd be surprised about what you learn about yourself and how that provides direction about what you want to do with your blog.

Also, 31 days to build a better blog is a good choice too.

So don't be gone to long. Distance is good for fresh perspective, but you have a lot to say--loveliness in the middle of laundry--you are a lady! Shout it out!

Hugs to you!!!!

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