Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new outlet.

I love sitting outside on my patio, watching Pauly on the swing set and playing in the mud. I take Billy out in his car seat around his nap time and he gets to nap in the fresh air. Of course, I take along my coffee and a notebook to jot down some thoughts, make to-do lists, menus and grocery lists. Pauly loves to bring me his latest mud concoction masterpiece to taste - ick. I pretend with my best yummy yum yum and send him back to create me another. (Don't you love the mud beauty mark?)
The weather has been sunny for a few days and then we get these awesome thunder storms (i love!) & right now it is contemplating another.
This past weekend we did a lot of "outside time"! It was sooooooooo nice! Why can't it stay like this all year? I really don't like the heat and honestly if there were no heat - it would be absolutely perfect here in Idaho. The winters don't bother me at all - just that darn heat! Our little house doesn't have a.c. so summers are interesting to say the least. (Especially when I'm pregnant - which I'm NOT this year! Yeah!)
Anyhow, to help in making our life easier and to make it so we can put up Christmas Lights easier and listen to music outside - we put in a new electrical outlet outside. See our little house was built in 1943 - (hence no air conditioning) The electrical outlet, of course, was my husband's idea... I thought it was quite silly and a waste of money - BUT being able to not string an extension cord through doors and windows sounds like a pretty fabulous idea when I go outside with my laptop to blog, which is fabulous if you haven't done it yet! So - another year will go by and I won't have a plug-in in the bathroom (yes one bathroom - no plug-in or storage- What was I thinking when I bought this house!!!? Easy fixes is what I was thinking - So easy 4 years later we haven't FIXED THEM!) but all is good because I can have twinkle lights galore under my carport, which is somewhat... divine!

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