Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yes - we've had our precious family here from North Dakota and it was wonderful.
Yes - I made delicious meals and divine desserts.
Yes - I tried to keep up with laundry, dishes, and cleaning.
Yes - my house is a disaster (except for where my visiting family was sleeping - they cleaned downstairs and it is beautiful).
Yes - I planned a special Easter Basket opening session for my boys complete with a new kite, new socks, hats, shoes and a book.
Yes - church was crazy - blessed with a cranky baby and a 2 year old boy repetitively requesting to be able to go play with toys in the nursery the moment he hears we are going to church.
Yes - my 2 year old says "Done!" after every song we sing until daddy finally takes him down to the nursery.
Yes - I missed the message.
Yes - I ate too much of Granny's delicious ham.
Yes - my boys are over stimulated, cranky and way off of their routine.
Yes - my baby boy is extremely spoiled (even more than he already was) from being held by anyone and everyone that could get their fingers on his soft plump baby body.
Yes - he went through a screaming session last night and the night before from not being able to be content with nursing, sleeping, sitting - NOTHING could make him happy.
Yes - I feel like I'm LOSIN' it!
Yes - I went through Easter and got WAY to caught up in making food, visiting with family, shopping, chasing boys and trying to make everyone happy and comfortable without remembering...
what Easter really is supposed to mean.
and for this... I am sorry sweet Jesus.
I love you forever and this is just another example of what I am - without you.
Through your grace -
today, I can start over -
Thank you.

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redeemed diva said...

Yes-I'm glad I read this post!

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