Sunday, March 28, 2010

Soap is soap... right?

The other day, I called Ben. He was on his way home from work and I asked him to pick me up a list of things from the grocery store.
He is the best! He always does shopping for me and always knows exactly what to buy, what brand and so on. I mean - he has got it down!
So now you'll understand my confusion when this last week he has took two different trips for me and this happened when I asked for Dish Soap...

First trip I got this...and now we have this...Well we decided that the first trip was just a communication error, had a good laugh and I decided I could wait a couple more days.

So... yesterday I put DISH soap back on the grocery list along with a few other things and Pauly and Daddy went off to the store - they are quite the entertainment show for people at the grocery store, so I hear.

They brought me this...Now we have this...and we still have this... I don't think I'll trade him in quite yet because he also brought me a new kind of coffee
to try out and it smells delish!
I'll take coffee over dish soap any day!


Jackie said...

Hey do you have any DISH SOAP I can borrow?

to the moon

Annikke said...

Can you wash dishes with coffee? Just wonderin'? LOL

Hey, I will gladly sip coffee before doing dishes any ol' day!

Boy Crazy said...

Silly husbands! Dish soap is for dishes!!! :)

Shelley in SC said...

Help . . . Google isn't letting me see any pictures today! So I'm just sitting here wondering what on earth he came home with : ). Guess I'll have to check back later today to have the mystery solved!

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