Friday, March 5, 2010

My purse was gross!!! But now she's beautiful!

We're friends right... and friends don't judge... right?

Well I was turned on to this idea from my gal friend at Rainy Day in May

and to tell you the truth I almost didn't show you the whole thing.. I was just going to blog about well... my new purse but if you're going to love me - you'll have to love my dirt too.

This is what my purse looked like, guts and all.

Icky. Old. Dirty. Grossy Grosserson!!

I did edit this down a little by throwing away several receipts....SEVERAL! Gum wrappers, Old appointment cards for before I had William, and well... I'll leave it at that.

As you can see I have LOTS of pens (not pretty ones - just get-the-job-done ugly pens), hand sanitizer, lots of lip gloss, bank papers, our car payment stub book, my roll of return address stickers, gum, toe nail clippers?, and a bunch of other unappealing stuff.

Oh! and don't forget ugly, gross wallet along with

stinky, raggedy

old gross purse.

Misty inspired me and reminded me how badly it is important to treat yourself once and a while and how good it makes you feel to be organized (at least with your purse) and a new purse always makes a girl smile.
So, first introduction... new purse - everybody. Everybody - new purse.

Isn't she lovely.

Ross special - I get all my purses from Ross. Nice and cheap but still last a while.

Ahhh.... that's better. So much nicer!

It's not a Salvatore Ferragamo -

but she is just perfect for...


Jackie said...

Hey, that is a good sized purse you got there. You are growing up to be such a big girl.


Casi said...

Sami, i love the new purse! so suites you!! i love it! that last thing i need is another purse! i love SHOES however and jeans! hmmm just like my daughter, wonder where she got it from! anyway, i love love it!! good choices!!

Krista said...

Way cite! I think everyone has scary things in their purse. I know mine is due for an overhaul as well. I love you and your dirt and I know everyone eles does too, so no worries!


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