Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FishBowl Mom is holding a FLIP FLOP SWAP!

A blogger gal friend of mine is putting on a fun Flip Flop Swap at her blog!! I call her the Fishbowl Mama - her blog is actually called Mom is in the Fishbowl.

I think a Flip Flop Swap is a super fun idea as I am a flip flop wearin' mama for sure!!! I love them - I wear them every day and at one time I had a pair of every color but now I am only down to just black :( so this swap is right down my alley! If you want to participate all you have to do is go leave a comment and she'll be in touch!

The idea is that she'll get a lot of people to participate and then she'll partner us up and each of us will by our partner a pair of flip flops between $5 - $10 (you can spend more if you want) and blog about it when you get yours in the mail - mailing yours to your partner by April 16th.

This is going to be a fantastic way to flip flop off the summer (tee hee) so go sign up!


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