Friday, January 22, 2010

uneventful on a Friday night

Conversation between mama and 2 year old...

Boy: Look mama! Look mama! Look mama - starts drawing on the table instead of on paper...

Mama: nnnnnuuuhhhhmmmmm

Boy: stops and continues drawing on paper...

Boy: Baby's cryin' mama

Mama: He's okay, he'll go to sleep soon.

Boy: Look Mom (drawing)

Mama: What is that?

Boy: Frog mom, frog mom, frog mom, Mater mom, Mater mom, Mater mom

Mama: Nice...(tired/fake enthusiasm noted)

Boy: Baby's cryin' - cryin' mom... baby's cryin mom... cyin'

(1 minute later)

Boy: Baby's happy mom, baby's happy mom... happy mom

Mama: yep.

Boy: wsat mom? wsat mom? (shows drawing)

Mama: (shrug)

Boy continues to draw for a few minutes... ... ...

Mama thinks: quietness is a beautiful thing

Boy: wsat mama? (pointing)

Mama: (keeps typing... ) is bored, T.I.R.E.D!, and wishes her husband was home...

Boy: wsat mama, wsat mom, wsat?

Mama: What is it?

Boy wsat mama, wsat?

Mama: What is it?

Boy: Ok


Jackie said...

Just think, only 17 more years of this awesome life with your boys. Cherish every minute, soon they will be married and gone, and making fun of the way you used to do things.
to the moon

Lady of the House said...

Hi there....miss Lady.Isn't it a small world???I sure like pretending to be this Lady of Manor in my castle....hehe. So glad we found each other, kindren hearts think alike.
Sweet family you have, I noticed there was a Mimi and Papa.....that's my husband and my name for our 7 grandchildren!
Peace and blessings,

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