Friday, October 2, 2009

just dreamin'

So whenever I think of something i want to "add" to my wish list I realized I don't have a wish list to "add" it to. So I'm making one.

Last year I made a wish list for my husband to help him with Christmas. He totally followed it and everything was perfect. It makes life so much harder if you don't give them a list and (sorry honey) you usually end up getting something that you wish was something else. So make a list for them girls! The surprise factor definitely isn't there because the ole man didn't think of this stuff on his own but hey! Who needs a surprise any more. All we want is something we ... well ... want ;)!

First off, of course, most of you know I've been looking for a camera - I don't necessarily want this one - my husband has been doing the investigating and I gave him a list of cameras my girlly friends have suggested so I just told him bring me one home one of these days - (before Mr. #2 is born) ;) He is really good at buying the right thing for me (that is what he did with our last car and I love it!) So I can't wait to see what he'll bring me!

Canon PowerShot

Next, another thing I've totally been wanting for months is an apron, okay okay not just any store bought apron - I want a cute apron!!! I've found of gals who make aprons - They have blogs I love and they both have Etsy businesses -

This one from the NotQuiteJuneClever blog - Tres Chic Apron at Etsy. Isn't it fabulous how this one crosses in the back for a better fit. She's so handy!

Then there is these one from Brin at Etsy - She is out of aprons right now but she has handmade dishrags (just like Grandma Great made) and she will have aprons again before the holidays I believe. She is also very talented and her blog ... well you'll see how wonderful she is!

This is something I have and I'm running out of both - my lovely Cool Citrus Basil Lotion
and Victoria's Secret Love Spell lotion Some of you know that I have never seen the ocean... well not yet, anyhow. BUT Coastal Casual Romantic Cottage decor is with out a doubt my favorite. I'm telling you I was born on the wrong side of the United States - I really want some sea shells and especially pencil starfish to add to my decor in my home - Next, is something I've been keeping my eye on that is in our local Craig's List and that is an Antique Scale - it is listed for only $25! Isn't it dreamy!!
Well that is enough for now, at least now I'll know where to point my husband when Christmas time / delivery of his second son comes around *wink*wink*
And this can give you some ideas for your fabulous wish list.
Toodles, The Lady


yodafatkitty said...

I want that first apron, too! Love them!
Very cut blog!

Cathy said...

This is my first visit to your blog...I love it!!!

Your list of goodies is wonderful...I hope you get them all;)!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Katie said...

I love that blue apron, how cute and pretty with the fabric flowers!

redeemed diva said...

I love the first apron! The starfish are can dye them blue, and they look amazing when you do. Great taste, Lady! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Looks like were friends now! I'll be back!

Shelley in SC said...

Ooh, I DO love your list. I think we must share a lot of the same "wishes." You must just have great taste : )!!


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