Thursday, September 3, 2009


It hasn't quite cooled off as much as I would like it to - but we are definitely getting a lot more cooler days mixed in with 90 degree weather here and there. I'm so glad too because I'm pretty sure that my sweat glads need a break. Is it possible that your pores can give out because they are tired of sweating?

We are up to our ears in tomatoes and thank you Jesus this weekend Granny (Hubby's mother) is coming over to help my dear husband can them. I wished that I had... well... the know how first of all and second of all, the energy and comfort level to can up some delicious jars of salsa, spaghetti sauce and whatever else I can think of. As it is, I can barely reach the dishes in the sink and just cleaning up the kitchen and here and there for a half an hour at the most DOES ME IN! So there is no way I could stand on my feet and successfully can I believe we have 50 lbs or more of tomatoes... Although, I can't can them I've been doing a pretty good job of eating at least 2 or 3 a day (of course always ending my day - well usually ending my day - with a delicious tomato on toast with mayo and salt and pepper...

I'm up to 3 Tums a night when I have heartburn as two WILL NOT DO THE JOB! It is amazing!

I am on my last chance of being able to paint my toenails I believe, so I better get that done soon!!

My hair has not seen very many diverse styles for the past 7 1/2 months I have boycotting all hair products, curling irons, etc. and the perfect hair due for being preggers in 100 degree weather for me is two pony tails with my bangs swooped over to the side up in bobby pins - usually 2 but sometimes 3. I currently have 3 grey hairs that creep out right in the front of my head where I part my hair. I got my first grey hair the day I brought Little Man home from the hospital, then I got the other the next year and recently found my third. As Samantha on Sex and the City says, if you pluck them then 20 more will come to their funeral... So I am not plucking them because of that. Besides... I'm considering being that lady that totally goes grey... completely embracing it - ya know! Will it be a problem if I have grey hair and my mom doesn't? I figure I have NO Hope in the grey hair department looking at the head of my grandparents... we'll see :)

Little Man and I took a trip to Winco on Tuesday - I was coming around the corner out of the freezer aisle and there it was... one of those "Emo" my husband said they are called... a boy with TIGHT pants on that were down to the middle of his knees, his shirt was stretched down to cover his bum and his hair in the middle of his back... gorgeous. I, without even thinking made this look like totally bewilderment and guess what! His mother caught me! She looked at her son and looked at me and kind of laughed like I caught you... I kind of sofly giggled like I know you caught me and I went on past... I kept on running into them and of course she pulled out in back of me when I was headed home. I instantly called my mom to tell her that if I end up beaten some where it was the mother/son team in Winco! They turned and I could finally breathe. I've got to keep that kind of thing to myself so I don't get beat up!

We also saw a newborn in the check out stand. I pointed the baby out to little man and his mouth dropped open. I think his little brain clicked and he put the two together of what really is in mama's belly!

Little Man will be 2 on Sunday! Dear Lord - I can't believe my tiny baby boy will be two.

Toodles till next time.


Shelby said...

I think tomatoes are a cause for heartburn--maybe if you eat your sandwich 2-3 hours before bedtime the heartburn won't bother you quite so much at night. Also, I got my first gray hair when I was 17--there's no hope for me, either! Can't wait to see your baby when he comes!

Krista said...

I had tons of heart burn with my second little one. I ate tums like crazy. I haven't eatten them since. It is funny what silly things the body does when you are expecting. I hope you can cool off soon. Can't wait to see pics of your little boy.

50s Housewife said...

Hope the heartburn gets better soon! I remember how miserable that was when I was expecting #4. She was breech until about 2 weeks before she was born and her little head poking into my stomach just kept anything from digesting correctly.

Annikke said...

A belated birthday wish to the little man!


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