Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catchin' up!

So I totally was thinking I wanted to post something on 9-11 in memory of well... everything that happened. BUT honestly, I totally let the day slip away from me. Not that I didn't think about what happened that day - I totally did, I definately had several memory walks in my mind of exactly what happened that day. Just the thought of breaks my heart into a million pieces. It truly is the most devistating thing that I've ever lived through and will remember it and honor those people in any way I can.

The morning of 9-11 I woke up as usual got ready for a day of work. I was currently working as a collector for Sears. My job was to work off of a dialer that made calls to anyone who was deliquent on the Sears card. My shift was 8 to 4:30 that day. I got in my little escort and I did listen to the radio a little but for the most part didn't hear much of what was going on and it all didin't really click until I was at work and making phone calls to ... yes, you've got it back East and people were saying, "How dare you call me right now!!!" We finally got all the details and started making phone calls to only Central, Moutain and W. Coast areas. Then we went on a huge break after the second tower fell. I honestly was freaking out... I think I was 20 and I was thinking they were going to come here and the whole U.S. was being invaded... I was on the phone a lot with my mom bawling and we were praying. They did let us go that day and we had to go back to work the next day. We had the day off so I decided to go to Les Schwab

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