Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Big 5!!

Yesterday was our 5th Wedding Anniversary! We had a great evening as Granny and Grandad offered to take Pauly and we took advantage by going out to dinner and renting a movie. We went out to Red Lobster with a gift certificate we received from Grandma Sally and Papa Paul so that was fabulous! From there we went to Best Buy to scope out a new camera which we decided not to get quite yet - Ben just wants to do a little move investigating on what would be the right camera for our family. & then we went and rented the... Ghost of Girlfriend's Past with Jennifer Garner and Matthew Macconauhey - it was really cute and for being a total chick flick my husband couldn't stop laughing! I was pleased with my choice as it was my turn to pick :)

It is pretty weird how 5 years has gone by - I remember our wedding day and that week as if it was yesterday, definitely my wedding day and the day Pauly was born stand out in my mind as the most precious days of my life and soon I'll have another day to add to that precious collection - when our little family of 3 turns into a family of 4... time sure flies by and little Mr. Melton #3 is going to be here very soon.

I have about a month left and we finally have figured out the name - I SO enjoy keeping it from my family... most of them try their best to get me to slip for instance this evening I called Grandma Sally to thank her for the gift card and she totally tried to pull a fast one on my by saying, "Oh! I have Dos' Christmas stocking made, now should I go ahead and put the name on it...?"! Isn't she a stinker! I totally didn't fall for it but I sure got a chuckle out of it - they all try something, it's hilarious!


Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Congrats guys! We love you and miss you tons.

Misty said...

Happy (belated) anniversary! The fifth is HUGE, so good job guys! :)

I can't wait til your little guy is here... :)

I hated that movie so much, but glad you liked it :)


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