Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tick - Tock - Tick - Tock

I often wonder if my house has that certain comfort that just makes you want to return as soon as possible. Both of my Grandma's houses had clocks in them that would make lovely sounds on the 1/2 hour and hour mark. I loved them! I loved hearing it during the night, knowing everyone was all snuggly in their beds and the clock was ticking and tocking along till morning when I would wake to be greeted by my Grandma Pattie's smile and hugs or my Grandma Sally's sweet songs that was either 'You are my Sunshine' or 'Good Morning to you, Good Morning to you - you look like a monkey and you smell like one too'... I loved every second of it! I also loved I could tell what time it was without even waking up all the way and I didn't have to get out of bed to check - I instantly knew the count down till morning... Ahhhhh... simply lovely.
I want my house to have that certain loveliness about it. I want my kids to hear that lovely tune during the night and know they are safe in bed and look forward to the morning where they will be greeted by my smiling face, a hug and maybe a sweet song or two. My house is probably too small right now for one of these beauties but some day I'll have a clock and it might not be as big as these but it will sing that sweet tune to assure us that morning is on its way.

photographed by James Merrell

If you are wondering the first one was my favorite! I couldn't find who made it only who photographed it. Takes my breath away...

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Krista said...

I bought a little clock at a yard sale and it chimes on the hour during the day, but at night it is silent. I love it!


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