Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy little Mr. Brown!

If you could, you'd want to follow daddoo all day long,
right behind him, with your matching blue jeans on,
Belt buckle, work boots and that hat pulled down tight,
Keep up! Gotta keep up! with all your Might!
Please help daddy feed the horses and fix that worn out fence,
You're an awesome daddy's helper, but that only makes sense!
Mama and Sissy will be waiting for you both with arms open wide,
They're so proud of you brother for working by daddy's side!
Wrangling the doggys and keeping a really close eye,
on those chickens, kittens and cows - Be careful! Oh My!
You're busy, yes so busy, you've got lots of things to do,
but now it's time to sleep Mr. Brown and shut those eyes of blue!
In the morning it will start again and there will be lots and lots to see,
like rocks and sticks and muddy holes and don't forget to climb that tree!
Our busy little Mr. Brown, you're quite the little guy,
May the Lord bless and keep you, for you're the apple of our eye!
Love you forever, Aunt Sam

1 comment:

Ed and Clarissa said...

Oh Sami, that is so sweet of you, and so true of Mr. Birch. I said when they get this boy raised they will have earned their money. Wanting to be with his daddy is a natural thing cause that is where his daddy always wanted to be and usually was and that is why he is such a good daddy now, so ya see Birch is in training to be a good daddy. He will make some gal a good husband and some blessed lil boy or girl a good daddy someday.(a long time from now!!)
Great job again, thanks for sharing and we love ya


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