Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and counting...

Church this Sunday was awesome! I was there alone - well Pauly was in Nursery (hopefully behaving) and the husband was re cooperating at home as he had worked 6 days and nights right in a row - he needed to just relax for a little bit! I don't mind going to church by myself with Pauly it can be a little challenging but overall I love going... period! The music was awesome - we sang old hymns like "In the Garden", "Come, thou fount", and "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" It was just what I needed... you know when you've got fogged over and your eyes aren't focused. It really hit me in church when I realized how blessed I am.

There are so many people right now going through so much loss, hurt and turmoil in this world. I think about those people and it really makes me realize how silly I've been, how petty, selfish and completely un-acknowledging Christ and what a blessing he is to have in my life. Without him I'm nothing and any frustrations or lost feelings I ever might have if I didn't have him would control my life... but because he is in my life I can give it to him and I know he will never leave me!

I'm counting my blessings this week left and right! From my alone time in the morning, to my patient and loving husband... to the fact that I have a perfectly healthy body and I'm hardly ever sick to my beautiful precious son. So many things- somethings big some things small! We can pay our bills, my husband has a job, I woke up this morning and my wonderful family, church family and friends...

The list goes on and on!


Misty said...

This is a truly great post, my friend. Truly, and so 100% right.

Jackie said...

I cling daily to His promises and the fact that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He takes our trash and gives us everything.
What a wonderful daughter you are.
to the moon

Krista said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Glory to God in the highest...Amen.

Love you,


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