Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sista Sista!

I have been blessed with three of the most perfect sister-in-laws any wifey could ask for. There are 4 kids in my husband's family (3 girls and yes, he is the only boy) So under the circumstances things could be a lot worse! These girls welcomed me into their family with their arms wide open! There is Holly (the oldest), the sister in North Dakota; Kelly (#2), the sister in Homer, AK; and Kerry(#4), who lives in Wasila, AK. They all pretty much spent the majority of their kid life in Anchor Point, AK.

Just an example of how sweet they are... last year I got an unexpected gift in the mail from Kelly... she had knit me a scarf. It was such a delight to get something in the mail not only a gift but a reassurance that my s.i.l was thinking of little ole me! :) Also, if you remember back in my posts Kelly came to see us for about 2 weeks this past summer. Her and I had a lot in common that we hadn't discovered yet and there was many a night we stayed up to the wee hours of the morning... crying and laughing out on our front lawn.

My Holly girl is always surprising me with unexpected phone calls and her and her family came for a week during New Years. We went thrift shopping, played many a game and laughed and cried! Her and Ben are like soul siblings... they are super alike - so it is super fun to be around her because I notice so much more of how much they are the same. Plus she is like a big sister to me too. (which is something I don't really have since I'm the oldest in my family)

Kerry, has recently moved up to Alaska this past year (her dreams came true :) when she lived in Montana and I had just had Pauly - her and her boys came for a week or so and spent some time with us. Her and I also talk on the phone once and a while and I'm vowing to remember to do it more because she is such a cool gal!

I'm so blessed to have these ladies in my life. I can talk to them about anything from baby stuff, to husband problems (Oh yes! They are very helpful!), to homemaking. They rock! I hope you are as blessed as I to have that special Sis in your life. I have 5!


Kirsten said...

It was so good to hear from you the other day!!! And it's good to see that all is well and blessed in your life!!! You have a beautiful fam and I'm glad we can stay in contact!!!

Jackie said...

I love your new background.

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