Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rockin' Out Toddler Style!!

I admit I am the type to blare my stereo (well not as loud as I did before I had Pauly) loud and sing along while I'm driving in my car. It doesn't matter whether it is country - a little Taylor Swift and her new song Love Story or maybe it is little techno...Calabria by Enur featuring Natasja - I love it!

It just seems like I can relax and really rock out! Pauly has eventually picked up this singing and head bobbin' type of rockin' out scene from his mother (guilty) as last night we left the t.v. off after dinner and decided to just listen to music. As I was working on my valentines and Ben was surfing the net - I was fortunate enough to catch Pauly rockin' out to the music! It was so adorable the way he bobbed his head around as if he was keeping up with the beat and shaking his little booty back and forth. Oh my, it was adoreable! I just pictured him being that little kid playing drums like a complete maniac driving his mother crazy. I hope I can figure out soon how to put videos on my blog. This will for sure be one I share. :)

1 comment:

Krista said...

It is so sweet to see the pure joy of dancing that a child has.


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