Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't you feed your kid lady?

Yesterday I was working on my new blog... (it is definitely under construction so don't be surprised if I have to inform you I've changed it :) Anyway, my kid and my dog were found eating on a purple crayon... It was time for lunch and I had told Pauly I was going to be feeding him soon... but soon wasn't soon enough. Both of their little mouths were covered with purpley black waxy specks! It was time to eat!!! Right Now!!!

After naps Pauly and I took both my and Ben's wedding ring to Lee Read Jewelers for a Valentine Surprise Cleaning. Yes we're poor so my best idea for something sweet for us was a Wedding Ring cleaning :) Boy oh Boy don't they look beautiful too! But I'm getting ahead of myself, Pauly and I spent the 15 minutes waiting in their little kid area... where there is a toy box full of Legos, a television playing terrible cartoons I didn't even want Pauly to listen too and a chalkboard with yes you guessed it... 4 colorful pieces of chalk and yes you guessed again first thing he did when he got in there was put a big fat piece of chalk in his mouth and !!CRUNCH!! I was grossed out! I again scooped foreign pieces from my poor little starving dear's mouth and told him "NO!". Can you believe this kid?

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Krista said...

I don't think your child putting objects in his mouth means you didn't feed him. I know you are a great mother. Kids just like to get to know things by how they taste. Just remember...most things are not going to cause any lasting problems. You have great stories.

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