Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall has officially arrived!

I love fall it is definitely my favorite season! Although a few weeks ago
Pauly and I woke up to snow that we just had to go and play in -
but that melted away in a day and now we still have fall - THANK GOD!
For the past month I have been fighting with a broken computer and now
we have borrowed a lab top from a friend and it doesn't
allow me to work on my blog from it.
So - luckily we are at Mimi's and Papa's this weekend for fun
and Mimi's lab top lets me work on my blog a little.
Hopefully soon things will be back to normal! Halloween was fun!
We went trick or treating with Aunt CC and Uncle Tenny and Carti too...
Pauly was a little lion and was adorable!!
Hopefully I'll have pictures of that up soon!

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