Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I love you

1. You are an amazing father to our son - you are so adorable when you play with him and I love watching you two well because one - I still can't believe how much he looks like you and two - I can see in Pauly that he knows you are his Pa and he loves you and I think that is such an amazing bond.

2. You love me unconditionally - I'm a women... and I tend to be crazy a little bit... okay a lot! and no matter what condition you fine me in when you come home - Usually I'm in my scraggely sweat pants and t-shirts, and my hair is all a mess... and please don't ask me when I had my last shower because I couldn't tell you! Plus sometimes I'm cranky (don't smirk - it is only sometimes) and you love me no matter what. You keep me together when I just want to cry - You are kind and patient and remind me when I forget how blessed we are - Thank You.

3. You're a family guy - You always talk to your sisters once a week and your mama too - you make sure that we get chances to go see my family because you know it is important to me. I love that you love family and I love yours too- I'm very thankful that for both of us family is something we truly treasure!

4. You're Fun! - I always have fun with you and your smile is so adorable. I love it when we laugh till we just can't breathe; which is quite often. You also can tell jokes in such a way that usually you have everyone in the room grabbing their stomach in pain because they are laughing so hard.

5. You take good care of us - You work so hard to make sure we have everything we need. A cute little warm home, enough food, bills paid and most importantly you provide for us so that I can stay home with Pauly. We are so blessed!

6. I love the way you make up songs - I love it when you are just strummin' on your guitar and all of the sudden you break out into song - making up the words which are usually hilarious and little stabs at me. So funny!

7. I love it when you sing and play your guitar - It's fun how you disappear for a couple hours downstairs then come up stairs with your guitar in hand with a big grin on your face because your so proud of the way you just learned a new song and you come upstairs and sing and play it for me. You are very talented and I love that you can do that.

8. I love that you challenge me - I always want to be my best version of myself when I'm with you and I love you for that.

9. You're smart - of course this was definately a huge part of the reason I chose you... ha ha ha... A smart man IS quite important. Although it is a little annoying sometimes but over all a good thing :)

10. You're adorable - I love it on a work day when you have got dressed for work and I can tell you are particularly proud of the way you look - you constantly look at yourself in the mirrior and .... oh just thinking about it makes me smile. You're so cute.

Happy Valentines Honey !!! I love you !!!

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