Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our little champ!

Well some of you might know already but our little champ broke out with a extreme case of eczema about 2 weeks ago. Eczema is a very itchy skin condition. He first got it on his cheeks and it was there for a couple weeks and then this past week it spready to all over his body. Saturday and Sunday were the worst days ever. We were up with him screeming and moving every second just to get that itch he just couldn't quite get itched. His poor little spirit is trying so hard to be happy and positive but being his mother, I can see his little heart is broken and he is just plum sick of it. He wakes up in the morning just screaming because he is so tired of fighting it. We took him to the doctor on Monday to get an antibiotic to keep the sores from getting infected and hopefully speed up the healing process. Ben is being so helpful holding him and comforting him when I just can't quite keep it together. I know this too shall pass and we'll be closer because of it. I just think it is weird that about a week and a half ago I was noticing how this kid just never cries. We would go days and days at a time and he never cries. Always happy! He is such a little champ and I'm so proud of him for being so brave! Please keep us in your prayers.

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