Friday, January 18, 2008

Pauly! Pauly! Pauly!

Boy this kid is getting HUGE! We weighed him when we were at Mimi and Papa's and we weight Macarti too. Pauly weighed 18 lbs and Macarti weighed 19lbs. Oh, did I mention Macarti is 3 months older than he is. He likes his food! Pauly the past few weeks has grown even more by leaps and bounds. Looking more and more like his father of course. Here are a few pictures I got of him.
Look he is almost grown out of this car seat. Ben and I are dreading not having the convenience of this car seat we'll have to start packing this BIG KID!
I got these two right before a bath time when he was playing in his crib with all his friends

Clean! Clean! Clean!


aUNT dEBI said...

Oh Pauly! You are so cute!! When are you coming to Texas????

Phillips Family said...

Cute pictures... did I send you a invite to see our blog? How old is Paul now

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