Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas in Montana!

I know, I know, Christmas is long over with but! it took me forever to get my photos sorted out to put on my blog. We spent Christmas in Montana this last year and it was wonderful. Ben's sister Kerry and her husband Chad were the hosts. We all had a wonderful time. Kerry cooked yummy meals and we all played fun games and spent a lot of time together. Granny and Grandad were there as well as Bruce and Holly came with their kids, Kaylena and Ryan from North Dakota. We all really missed the Alaska crew (which is Ben's middle sister Kelly with her husband David and their kids, Jesse, LeaAnn and Nathan) BUT we did get to converse with them over a web cam and they were even watching up open our presents on Christmas and they were also there when we got to have little Jacob's birthday party.
Pauly spent lots of time watching his cousins Jacob, Joey and Ryan playing and we could all tell he was ready to jump up and run around with them. He also enjoyed being watched by his sissy Kaylena. She was a wonderful help to me! Santa brought Pauly lots of goodies! He got 2 new soft blankets, a few new outfits, hats and gloves, toys and the best thing a book wrote by his very own Granny called 'Because We Are Family'. It is so special. Pauly got to have a special bath time with Granny which he enjoyed very much.
He also got read books by his favorite Auntie Holly. And of course lots and lots of Quality Time with his favorite Auntie Roo!

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