Monday, November 12, 2007

Playing catch up!

Well a lot has happened since I posted my last note. Little Paul is still doing amazing and getting so big!

Ben's sister Kerry and her boys came to visit the last weekend in October and stayed for a few days. It was their first time seeing Pauly. They loved taking turns holding him and giving him kisses. We captured some great pictures of their time with us. Jacob and Joey are getting so big and tall! They are so fun and quite entertaining! Pauly can't wait till he is big enough to play with them.

The Saturday they were here we took a fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch and the boys picked out some pumpkins. We had a great time!

For Pauly's first Halloween mama made him a baby penguin costume and mama was a penguin too! They turned out pretty cute! Daddy made his costume too, he is quite crafty I must say. We all went to a Halloween party at Aunt Louise and Uncle Brad's house. We had a lot of fun and Pauly was very well behaved :)

That next weekend Mimi and Great Grandma Pattie came to visit and love on Pauly. He was so glad they came to see him. They got to stay with him while mama and daddy went on their first date since Pauly was born - we went out to the Melting Pot and had a wonderful time! Sunday we all went out to Payette to attend Cody and Lisa's baby shower, little Jessalyn should be arriving some time in January and we can't wait!

Well that gets me pretty well caught up. Here are a couple more pictures that I just loved. Look Daphnie is waiting for a crumb or too! Isn't she funny! Then there is the other one of Pauly being a sweet boy taking a nap while mama snuck in to get a pic. He is looking more and more like his daddy every day... and I love it! Enjoy!

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Casey, Janelle, Ella, and Hadley said...

Great Update! I love that top picture of look so amazing as always. Paul is so cute!


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